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AniRave '16
« on: October 17, 2016, 02:37:46 PM »
It's that time again. Spooktober. What is it? It's a mystery. Skeletons and such, idek. Regardless, AniRave 2016! As usual, 10/31-11/2. Poneh Haus. It'll be pretty low-key this year, 'cuz we broke. We'll be doing the usual binge watching of horror-themed animu and movies, play some 2spooky games, prolly also have a drinking game or two. I acquired a DVD copy of Priness Prolemonade at a yard sale too, so might break open that and see if it's any different from the version we've had ;3 If'n ya' got someone ya' wanna invite, feel free, but tell 'em to bring a bottle and a fiver towards peetzer or summat.

What: AniRave 2016
When: Halloween and then some. 10/31 - 11/2, roughly 6pm-6pm (def not all-or-nothing, don't feel like you *have* to be here for the full thing or summat)
Where: Poneh Haus, Springfield, OH. Poke me for address if you've never been.

Do RSVP with your plans if you're plannin' on showing up, and feel free to poke me with any questions. Cheeribees.